How To Find Duplicate Files

Three Steps To Find And Remove Duplicate Files

Step 1. Select the folders where you want to look for duplicate files.

You can select multiple folders including local disk, removable disk and network paths.

Step 2.Set File Filters (Optional)

If you want to search for predefined file types, select one or multiples file types. You can also select the appropriate file size and date range if you want to restrict the search according to file size and file age.

Step 3.Start Scanning

Click on the "Run Smart Scan" button to begin the scanning process. It will take some time depending on your system and on the number of files in the selected folders.

After the scan process is completed, This is the list of all duplicate files found using the search-criteria. You can choose which files to process and either delete them or move them.

Important: The result list includes both original files and duplicates! You need to be careful when you delete or move files.